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Elevate Your Taste Buds

We fulfill your flavoring needs

Mission Statement

A flavor company providing our customers with a variety of premium concentrated flavors to arouse their sense of taste and sense of smell in addition to a hassle-free purchase!  We make it simple...


I own almost every flavor that Sweet Life Flavor Co. has to offer and it has truly been a game changer for me and my family. 

I eat a low carb diet and love to bake. Having access to flavors that were once forbidden to me like banana, honey, and pineapple has opened so many doors. 

I’ve tried other flavor concentrates in the past and they tasted medicinal or very artificial, Sweet Life’s products are wonderful and taste just like the real thing! The ripe banana tastes just like that. 

Best of all they’re affordable. I’m so happy to have found these flavor concentrates and can’t wait to experiment and come up with new creations that I wasn’t allowing my self to have before. Thanks! Sweet Life Flavor Co! 

Darlene "@KindKetoMama"

Sweet Life Flavors are Amazing! They make your foods burst with flavor. I recently used the banana flavoring for a dessert I  made, and it was so good!! You would have thought that I added fresh bananas, nope, just their delicious flavoring. I give this company 5 stars, and I highly recommend them. Good product and good service goes hand in hand. 

Linda Wright "@keepingitlowcarb"

I am so happy I came across this company!  I have never used flavor concentrates before and to tell you the truth, I was skeptical.  I chose to use Sweet Life Flavor Co. concentrates because I was missing some specific foods that I have chosen to eliminate from my diet like banana, pineapple, and caramel! These flavors are now back in my life, and I am able to enjoy what I once loved before.  Thank you so much Sweet Life Flavor Co.

Katrina Johnson

The flavors taste exactly as labeled and are great! We love to change up our basic baking mixes and turn them up a notch using sweet life flavors! These help add variety to our diet and are a lot of fun to bake with. We can’t wait to try more flavors!

Rosette's Baked Goods

Sweet Life Flavor Company’s products elevate any recipe! On top of that, their service is incredible! They are the sweetest people and I am never disappointed! They go above and beyond to insure quality service. I love using their flavours in anything I make: from my coffee to my baking!

Marie Pier @the.keto.student