Darlene @kindketomama ~

"I own almost every flavor that Sweet Life Flavor Co. has to offer and it has truly been a game changer for me and my family.  I eat a low carb diet and love to bake. Having access to flavors that were once forbidden to me like banana, honey, and pineapple has opened so many doors.  I’ve tried other flavor concentrates in the past and they tasted medicinal or very artificial, Sweet Life’s products are wonderful and taste just like the real thing! The ripe banana tastes just like that.  Best of all they’re affordable. I’m so happy to have found these flavor concentrates and can’t wait to experiment and come up with new creations that I wasn’t allowing my self to have before. Thanks! Sweet Life Flavor Co!"

Linda Wright @keepingitlowcarb ~

"Sweet Life Flavors are Amazing! They make your foods burst with flavor. I recently used the banana flavoring for a dessert I  made, and it was so good!! You would have thought that I added fresh bananas, nope, just their delicious flavoring. I give this company 5 stars, and I highly recommend them. Good product and good service goes hand in hand."

Katrina Johnson ~

"I am so happy I came across this company!  I have never used flavor concentrates before and to tell you the truth, I was skeptical.  I chose to use Sweet Life Flavor Co. concentrates because I was missing some specific foods that I have chosen to eliminate from my diet like banana, pineapple, and caramel! These flavors are now back in my life, and I am able to enjoy what I once loved before.  Thank you so much Sweet Life Flavor Co."

Rosette's Baked Goods ~

"The flavors taste exactly as labeled and are great! We love to change up our basic baking mixes and turn them up a notch using sweet life flavors! These help add variety to our diet and are a lot of fun to bake with. We can’t wait to try more flavors!"

Marie Pier @the.keto.student ~

"Sweet Life Flavor Company’s products elevate any recipe! On top of that, their service is incredible! They are the sweetest people and I am never disappointed! They go above and beyond to insure quality service. I love using their flavours in anything I make: from my coffee to my baking!"

@GreecefullyKeto ~

"Sweetlifeflavor review - Sweet Corn 🌽I follow a Ketogenic lifestyle for a year now and I often think that I miss foods I used to have.  Emphasis on “think”, and that’s because often the smell of something, triggers my taste buds and eventually the flavor, and my brain goes “aha! I’m having cornbread”!  At least this is how my brain rolls 😊 and yes, I did have cornbread, with no corn (I know, an oxymoron), using the sweet corn flavor by sweetlifeflavor in a Keto “cornbread” mix.  It was absolutely delicious, I couldn’t stop at one piece and topping it w kerrygold butter, it was heavenly.  It really smelled like corn bread and it tasted as close to the real thing as it can be.  I loved the drops and have almost every flavor.  Try it, you won’t be disappointed and .... the price is right!"

@athinaknyc_ketoliving ~

"Sweetlifeflavor review - Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes 🥞I absolutely love the flavors by Sweetlifeflavor and I think I have all of them at this point, even preorder those coming out this month 🤭My go-to are ripe banana, cinnamon roll and blueberry!  Today I made Keto lemon 🍋 blueberry ricotta pancakes using fresh blueberries but also stepping up the flavor w blueberry drops.  I topped them off w kerrygold butter, sugar free maple syrup, some lemon wedges and fresh blueberries and I was in Keto pancake heaven (no judgement on my kind of heaven 😊) The flavors were all there, and I love that the blueberry drops don’t turn my mix bluish or pink.  Great products and they really add a great aroma and flavor to everything I’ve done so far.  You need to try this!"

@ariandketo ~

@sweetlifeflavorco is such an amazing product and so versatile. I use it for baking, cooking and even for drinks. I love how It gives you the flavor it says without all the sugar and artificial taste without feeling guilty. I recommend this company to anyone especially those on Keto like me . Their customer service is phenomenal and shipping is fast and the best part is they are affordable. #obsessed

@MarlaJo22 ~ “I’m Fixin’ To Keto”

If you’ve ever attempted Keto Baking, you know the struggle of finding great recipes, and more importantly, EXCEPTIONAL FLAVORS!!

1 year into My Own Keto Journey, I came across the Sweet Life Flavor CO’s Products. And I have to say, their FLAVOR CONCENTRATES have been a Complete Game Changer!!! From Waffles and Frostings, to Candy and Cookies .. Sweet Life Flavor Co has brought My Keto Baking to Life!!! Reasonable PRICES, Intense FLAVORS, and Exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Thank you Sweet Life Flavor Co.!! ❤️

@Coralfully ~ 

Sweet Life Flavor Co flavoring drops have truly changed and helped me through my keto journey! There is a lot of things I do miss since going keto and with these drops it feels like I’m not missing out! The flavor is spot on, they have so many flavors to choose from. My favorite by far from what I’ve tried is the chestnut pecan in my coffee! I’m a killer for Starbucks chestnut praline syrup and it’s taste just like it, the fact that I could stay on track and still get my got to holiday drink is such a plus for me! I truly recommend these for baking, cooking, and in your coffee! All flavors are good! Plus the owners are so so kind and awesome!